SINGLE REVIEW: Glades – Eyes Wide Shut

Ahead of their national run of dates with Listen Out Festival, Glades have dropped a moody new single which hears them going towards a darker electronic sound. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is a brief departure from the bands previous pure-pop driven singles with a moody production that shows a different and mature side to the band. In the past they have released quite carefree and fun tracks that are aimed to get heavy radio rotation. But this song is more based around the storytelling and showing a growth in their production with an evolving sound. It explores coming to the realisation in a relationship that something needs to change because you’ve been allowing the other person to take advantage of your love. “I see you coming with your eyes wide shut. You’re trying my luck but I don’t want it anymore”. It’s quite a sad but liberating moment as lead singer Karina Wykes shifts the thoughts into self respect and owning this new found positivity and self-love. The gritty and dark synths is very catchy and on trend for the way the electronic world is heading towards at the moment. It is a song that will take a few listens to grow on you and whilst it may not be an instant radio smash it’s still a great track that will compliment their live show well and show a different layering to them as a band.