SINGLE REVIEW: Robinson – Medicine

New Zealand singer-songwriter Robinson has really made quite the impact this year. Her single ‘Nothing To Regret’ has raked in over 46 million streams on Spotify alone and has quickly cemented herself as one of the hottest new artists to watch in 2018. Her follow up single ‘Don’t Trust Myself’ heard her stripping her indie-pop sound back with a beautiful and minimalist heartbreak ballad. But she’s slightly turned up the volume again with an experimental and vibey indie-pop track that returns to that playful format. But don’t be easily fooled, ‘Medicine’ is still a serious and heartfelt track that explores falling in love with someone and having your heart broken. “I’m used to ripping hearts out, now it’s mine that’s bleeding. Never let my guard down, now I’m barely breathing. Never thought I’d be the one to fall, now I’m in my castle all alone. Thought I was cool but now I’m fucking freezing”. The lyrics are honest and question whether karma has dealt her cards for the times that she has broken peoples hearts. The production is quite cinematic and anthemic with the way it grows and sways so effortlessly. The chorus will instantly be stuck in your head and you will be itching to see it played at a festival. There’s just something unique and cool about Robinson that you can’t help but love.