SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – The Only

She’s marketed herself to be your new favourite sad girl and she really is becoming one of 2018’s most exciting newcomers. The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has just released her fifth single for the year with the minimalistic and haunting ‘The Only’. The moody indie-pop ballad begins with a simple plucking of a guitar while her vocals soothingly fall over the verses. As the song builds she adds in simple drumming and strings to build this cinematic atmosphere that will have you immersing yourself in the storyline. She explores the complexities of being happy alone but also longing the company of someone else. “And it’s comforting to know I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight”. The dark song hears her taking comfort in her insecurities and opening herself up in such a raw and captivating way. The lyrics “Talking to the voices in my head because at least they’re listening” hits home the deepest and immediately I felt the pain, confusion and the weird faith that she is feeling in this exact moment. From a first listen you will be hooked by her smooth melodies and you will find yourself exploring the rest of her discography if you haven’t already.