SINGLE REVIEW: Fickle Friends – Broken Sleep

Earlier this year UK indie-pop five piece Fickle Friends released one of my favourite albums of 2018. The euphoric and reflective collection showcased their strengths with a selection of songs that had you prepared to feel all the emotions. 6 months later and the band are already ready to deliver you a brand new single from a forthcoming accompanying EP.

‘Broken Sleep’ hears them turning the heat up on their synth driven indie-pop sound with a little disco influence. As magical as that fusion sounds this song sadly is a little weak with its delivery compared to their previous material. It has this very gimmicky and predictable feel which is ultimately a little boring. The melody seems to go nowhere special as they start the song off by showing exactly where this song is going to go sonically. They never seem to really build up momentum again which is unusual for them as they usually can win over listeners with their groovy and carefree vibes.

The only good thing about this song is it’s relatable and dreamy lyrics. “When I wake up I remember you’re not next to me or where you should be, like in my dreams”. So at least they have that. 

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