SINGLE REVIEW: Cody Simpson & The Tide – Don’t Let Me Go 

Sometimes all an artist needs is some time. And that’s certainly all Cody Simpson needed because after a little break from the spotlight the Australian raised singer-songwriter has returned with a bold and confident new sound. ’Dont Let Me Go’ is the empowering sequel to ‘Underwater’ and continues this groovy whole hearted sound he’s reintroduced himself with. Taking influence from blues n roots and groovy electronic beats this new sonical fusion is an exciting combination that really shows his strengths as an artist. Beginning with an offbeat moody percussion synth he adds in voice distortion and a relaxed guitar melody which adds to the all round aesthetic. The chorus is super vibey and will have you grooving along accordingly instantaneously.

The song looks at just needing that one person and realising that you don’t need anything else. Holding onto them at all costs and doing whatever you can to make it work. “Don’t let me go, don’t let me out of your sight anymore. I’m gonna give you the highs and the low, here we go”. It’s super romantic and sweet and will have you wanting to fall in love as soon as possible. He really has shown a lot of growth with these two new releases not just in his vocal delivery but also in his songwriting and production structure. He’s just being genuine, honest and making groovy music that you want to see live. So get onto it!


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