GALLERY: The Stilts – The Triffid 

With BigSound Festival just about to kick off it is really important we take a moment and support local music. When was the last time you just went to a show with the purpose to discover new music? When was the last time you just went and watched an artist because you had been recommended by someone? When was the last time you just bought a ticket to a random show for fun instead of going out to a club? Most people’s answer will be “I haven’t”. We get so caught up in buying tickets to the biggest festivals or to shows of our favourite artists when they tour the country that we don’t really go out to discover new artists anymore. We rely on radio or social media to educate us on new acts and we forget about our local scene. 

Brisbane is very lucky as we have one of the most exciting and thriving new music scenes in Australia. We have an eclectic range of artists that are constantly playing cool venues across the city just hoping that more people will come witness them. Some artists will get lucky and will receive Triple J airplay and get chosen to support some big acts but others really do rely on people coming to see them live to try and make it in this forever changing industry. 

The Stilts are an up and coming garage rock band with a little punk and sixties vibe that perfectly compliments the beach personality of Queensland. The dynamic four piece have been kicking around and playing live shows for a little while now and have just released their debut self titled EP.  This collection perfectly introduces the band to listeners with the laid back vibe and influences shining through from the likes of The Pixies, The Strokes and Grinspoon. But in amongst this sound they manage to capture some summer vibes that have you just wanting to sit on the beach and have a few drinks. Their live show captures this sound perfectly with the gritty elements of garage rock mixed with the laid back attitude of summer rock. Playing one of their biggest shows to date, the band took to the stage at The Triffid and quickly won over the small but enthusiastic crowd. They spotlighted the songs from their EP as well as their previous singles whilst also premiering some unreleased music. But to most of the crowd all of this material was new to them and that was okay. Personally I had never heard of them and I was only recommended by a friend to come along and check them out with him but that’s what made the night so special in it’s own way. The band powered through their 30 minute set delivering a mixed of angst and chilled out punk vibes. Their song structures were short and snappy and reminded me of old school garage punk-ska. There were moments that reminded me of early No Doubt with their slightly ridiculous lyrics but high energy that just made them so likeable. Whilst the band are still in their early days they already seem so comfortable on stage and really do gel together well as artists. They are only going to continue to grow with their songwriting and stage presence so while there was a little awkwardness they will evolve. But it’s important that people go and support local live music so bands like this can have the platform to grow and experiment. 

So next time you find yourself struggling to find something to do or are over going to the same club and hearing the same mixes played, maybe you should decided to be that friend. The friend who encourages everyone to go and watch new live music, the friend who creates awesome new memories and the friend who may just discover their friends new favourite artist. Music is a pretty special and powerful thing and there’s so much of it to discover, so how about just start in your own city? 

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Photos by Blake Lewis



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