SINGLE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – My Blood

I have yet to be overwhelmingly impressed by Twenty One Pilots upcoming fourth studio album. So far the singles have fallen a little flat and haven’t delivered any memorable moments or had major chart traction unlike their previous records. With the October 5 release date creeping closer the band have just dropped their fourth single which hears them getting a little closer to the groovy sound you were hoping for. ‘My Blood’ is the dynamic duos strongest track so far from the new record and shares a little romantic side. The song looks at the pure love you have for someone which will have you doing anything for them and protecting them at all costs, no matter what the emotional cost on yourself may be. This may be a romantic love or it could also be a strong friendship love. “Stay with me, no, you don’t need to run”. The production is super funky and hears them adding in a disco influence that will have you grooving along the whole way through. I love the way this song builds momentum and has you quickly singing along to the catchy hook. The whole sound and vibe is very reminiscent of their ‘Blurryface’ era and that is a sound they really should keep revisiting.