SINGLE REVIEW: NOTD feat. Tove Styrke – Been There Done That

Swedish production duo NOTD recently stepped into the spotlight with their collaborative single ‘I Wanna Know’ with Bea Miller which broke them into the American market. For their next single they have teamed up with one of Sweden’s finest exports Tove Styrke. ‘Been There Done That’ is every bit of synth-pop slickness you could imagine. From the opening dreamy vocals from Styrke that perfectly collide with the tropical beat synths you will be tapping along and excitingly anticipating what is coming. However the song suffers from the curse of the generic beat drop with the chorus losing all the momentum it gained. The beat drop is uninspired and sounds like every other “summer anthem” that is currently out there making the rounds. Lyrically the song is quite strong as it reflects on the pain of loving someone so much but constantly hurting yourself because of the toxicity of the situation. “You don’t know what it’s like loving someone. Why don’t I save myself some time, why?”. It really could have been a big and cool pop moment if it had a slightly more inventive beat drop that made it stand out compared to the rest. But I guess it’s vibey enough.