SINGLE REVIEW: Ivy Adara – Rebels

With some impressive songwriting credits under her belt, Ivy Adara broke into the spotlight with her debut single ‘Famous’. Following it up with the relaxed pop anthem ‘Currency’ she secured herself as an Independent artist you need to keep an eye on. The Australian singer-songwriter has done it once again with her new chilled-pop track ‘Rebels’ that will have you feeling a little dreamy. Taking Inspiration from the likes of Lorde, this mellow pop track may have a sedued production but its dreamy vocal delivery creates the anthemic feeling this song embodies. She perfectly emulates that unstoppable feeling you have inside of you when you are uncontrollably in love and whilst you are a little reckless, nothing can stop you in that moment. “We got no plans. Recklessly follow the sunset dreamin’. Give me tomorrow and I’ll take your hand. Two rebels, ride or die. Two rebels, you and I”. This song would’ve been so easy to turn into a try hard tropical-pop house moment that would’ve almost guaranteed got radio airplay but instead she sticks to her roots and delivers it perfectly the way she wants her story to be told. And in turn, this song will become the soundtrack to your hopeless romantic dreams and your reckless late night adventures with the person you can’t stop thinking about.