SINGLE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – Damn Loyal

Okay, it’s official! Eves Karydas’ debut album ‘summerskin’ is FINALLY coming! The Australian singer-songwriter has just announced that alongside its September 28 release date that she has a new single for you to obsess over. ‘Damn Loyal’ was a fan favourite in her live set on her recent Australian tour which hears her continuing her vibey indie-pop sound that her previous singles have introduced. But she adds in a grittier delivery that transforms her into a pop star. Her attitude shines through and makes this song one of her strongest yet. The chorus will instantly get stuck in your head and will have you singing along to the hook over and over again. “You know that I’m damn loyal and I know how to turn you on. But don’t abuse my loyalty. If you want someone, then, you’re on”. The playful song explores the importance of loyalty in her life as well as mutual respect when she is becoming vulnerable with someone. Her vocals are as dreamy as ever but she does sound more confident within her own delivery and production. This song will make you even more excited to hear what else she has coming on this record because it’s going to be BIG.