SINGLE REVIEW: Tori Kelly – Never Alone

Tori Kelly may just be one of the most underrated artists of right now. Her debut album ‘Unbreakable Smile’ never really received the attention it deserved and her upcoming new project ‘Hiding Place’ has been announced almost unknowingly. In between working on her sophomore album she has worked with Grammy award winning producer Kirk Franklin on a gospel influenced  EP. The new single ‘Never Alone’ hears her belting it out and delivering pure and raw emotions. The track explores how she turns to god in times where she feels alone and needs direction. “But I know somebody, He calls me His own. I can hear heaven singing out, Oh you’re never alone”. It’s a very religious inspired track that may deter some of her pop fans that she’s claimed along the way. But what is very well highlighted on this song is her powerhouse vocals. The girl can SING and she serves that. I do find it a strange way for her to make a comeback but passion projects are very fundamental for artists to grow so hopefully this release will inspire her the way she wants it to so she can finish her album and prove to everyone why she deserves to be sitting at the top of the charts globally.