SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Jonas feat. Robin Shulz – Right Now

As of recently Nick Jonas has been stepping up and doing everything he possibly can. From his own albums to collaborations and guest spots on soundtracks he’s making himself very much known as a solo artist. His newest collaboration hears him teaming up with Robin Schulz for the generic dance track ‘Right Now’. This song builds momentum throughout the first verse with Nick’s crooning vocals along with the tropical house beat that transports you to 2am on a crowded dancefloor. But as soon as the chorus drops the song then dives into predictable territory. The hook is forgettable, generic and boring. All the seductiveness that Nick delivered leading up to this moment is lost and you’re immediately cringing. There is nothing unique or different about this song and even it’s generic storyline about being afraid to fall in love is a little outdated. The sad thing is that this song will probably receive a lot of traction and airplay because it does perfectly fit into the mould that Top 40 radio has currently created.