SINGLE REVIEW: Neiked feat. Lil Indo – Been A Long Time

Swedish producers Neiked have been creating the same summer infused synth-pop since the release of their global smash ‘Sexual’. It’s as if the mysterious production team are tirelessly trying to re-create that magic and it’s coming across a little gimmicky and dated. However they’ve finally decided to try a different approach and have slightly experimented with a different sound. ‘Been A Long Time’ is an interesting fusion of EDM and chilled hip-hop. On a first listen the song is a little forgettable and doesn’t really transport you to that level of euphoria that their previous tracks have. However over time the track does eventually grow on you with it’s DIY feel and folk inspired hook. The production doesn’t completely sound finished with an unmastered feel that I still can’t decide if I like or not. Lil Indo’s vocal delivery is really relaxed and helps create the mood of the song however he says “Lil Indo on the mic” one too many times. It’s not a smash hit, nor will it make an impact on the charts but it is vibey enough to have your toes tapping along happily.