SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo feat. David Guetta, Nicki Minaj + Willy William – Goodbye

I think from the moment before you even push play on this ill fated track that you’re already well aware that it is going to be terrible. ‘Goodbye’ is not only the title of the new Jason Derulo track but it is also conveniently the words you want to say while listening. The RNB hitmaker has teamed up with David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Willy William for a star studded collaboration that reaches so hard for airplay and traction. But sadly nothing can save you from how painfully bad it is. Not even Nicki’s personality filled rap that is mildly enjoyable for a split second. The dancehall influenced track delivers a fully flavoured beat that will have your hips shaking but that’s as far as this song reaches. The lyrics are gimmicky and reflect on a break up and not wanting someone to leave. A topic that is very over done at this point in time and with a serving of generic lyrics it doesn’t help this song to stand out. It has been noticeably created with radio airplay in mind and whilst it may fit in with the current trends, it doesn’t necessarily make it good. The whole time I was listening I actually forgot David Guetta produced this track because there is not one moment that even remotely sounds like something he has ever done. This is very much a Jason Derulo track and I feel like any producer could have done this track and had the exact same result.