SINGLE REVIEW: Cody Simpson & The Tide – Underwater

Remember the time in pop music where Justin Bieber was uncontrollably everywhere, carefree pop music reigned on radio and Cody Simpson was hit listed as one of the hottest acts to watch? Well, with the fast paced nature of the industry we saw a dramatic change in consumer interest with EDM music taking over before the confusing auto-tuned hip-hop phase began that we are currently experiencing. In amongst all of this change Cody Simpson became a little forgotten because he refused to follow the trends or give into the pressure to change his style. Instead he took some time and rediscovered who he was as an artist. Returning with an organic, surf rock, blues inspired and summer soaked sound Cody Simpson is now truly the artist he was meant to be. His new single ‘Underwater’ hears him delivering a funky production that incorporates pulsating synths, groovy guitar riffs and an all around summer vibe. Setting the mood with a lonely guitar strumming he adds in some light synth percussion before taking a dramatic pause to exhale. Whilst this moment is a little extra it sets the mood and compliments the tone perfectly before the song ultimately just explodes during the hook.

His vocals are raw and strips it back to his roots with his little vocal runs. The song addresses pure infatuation when you are falling for someone and just sinking into every moment you spend with them. “I’m underwater cause I’m drowning in your body, maybe we can leave this party, take ya somewhere that I know”. The structure of the whole song will have you captivated, intrigued and grooving along. This is by far his strongest release and perfectly captures who he is as an artist and brings this new project into the spotlight.



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