SINGLE REVIEW: LANY – I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore

LANY are really channeling some high-key emotions for their upcoming sophomore record. The Los Angeles trio had massive success with their debut album that saw them touring the world and winning over a huge legion of fans. And throughout this whole experience lead singer Paul Klein had a very public relationship with Dua Lipa that ended earlier this year. That experience has inspired some of their most vulnerable and intimate tracks yet and their new single is testament to that. ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore’ is a simple and beautiful indie-pop track that addresses his confusion and heartbreak surrounding the break up. He confesses “From the start, I never thought, I’d say this before, but I don’t wanna love you anymore”. From the moment you hear that lyric your heart will break and you’ll be instantly transported into a realm of high strung emotions. The poetic verses will leave you wanting more and has this really calming approach to the heartfelt delivery. “I used to love these sheets. Dark hair against the white. I missed watching you get dressed in our hazy bedroom light”. The production is quite simple with some mid-tempo synths carrying you throughout the song. It really allows the lyrics and Klein’s vocal delivery to take centre stage and for this song that is all the matters.