SINGLE REVIEW: Marshmello feat. Bastille – Happier

Following in the footsteps of Kygo’s collaboration with Imagine Dragons we have seen Marshmello team up with UK pop rock band Bastille for a little dance-rock fusion. ‘Happier’ is a cute and reflective track that looks at wanting the best for someone even when you know that it means you need to leave. It delivers pure emotion with a positive spin. “I want to see you smile but know that means I’ll have to leave”. The verses are super strong and perfectly create the narrative and build up however its the mediocre dance breakdown that hears them lose the spark. The song falls into predictable territory with a generic beat drop that is over used in the EDM world. I wanted something a little more heartfelt or experimental because there was such depth in the lead up. But as soon as it hit, nothing. It almost makes it hard to go back for another listen because it was so underwhelming. But Dan Smith’s vocals are mesmerising and the lyrics are super sweet that maybe a second listen is worth it. But that beat drop is still bad.