SINGLE REVIEW: LPX – Might Not Make It Home

LPX is the exciting and dynamic solo project from MSMR vocalist Lizzy Palpinger. Her debut EP ‘Bolt In The Blue’ was an angsty collection of raw emotions and saw her delivering a whole lot of empowerment. For her follow up single ‘Might Not Make It Home’ she takes it back to where it all began for her and that is the busy streets of New York. This euphoric indie-pop rock track looks at the magical idea that anything could happen on a night out in the “Big Apple”. And it really does capture that euphoric rush of adrenaline and carefree atmosphere that the streets of New York have. “And all the taxi cabs wouldn’t take us back. I’m not mad at that cause now it’s just you and me skipping between the trash and the streets”. The song instantly transports you to a night out in the city with it’s vivid imagery and hopelessly romantic storyline. The gritty guitar riffs and big garage drums have this really authentic approach to the production which will have you feeling all the nostalgic vibes. It strips it back to her roots and really embodies the concept with every little detail. By the end of the song she will have you screaming “We might not make it home and that sounds wonderful” a little too proudly and that’s a great thing.