SINGLE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Levitate 


Taking into consideration their massive global domination I expected the upcoming fourth studio album from Twenty One Pilots to have a little more hype. But so far their impact is a little lacklustre and the accompanying singles have been a little underwhelming. With ‘Trench’ being officially released on October 5 the dynamic duo have released their third single to try and create some buzz. ‘Levitate’ is a brief 2 minute 20 second song that hears them returning to their hip-hop meets rock blend. The angsty track continues the fictional storyline they have created for this record however it’s a little confusing to follow and majorly disjointed. The structure isn’t memorable nor is there any catchy or empowerful lyrics. This industrial sound hears them pushing further and further away from the commercial breakthrough their last album had and I’m a little confused as to why. Their potential is massive and their accompanying raw talent is insane so I don’t know why they aren’t embracing the impact their last album had and are dividing their fans with this weird collection. Hopefully in due time it was all make sense but so far this record is looking a little disappointing. 





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