SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan – Animal

Troye Sivan’s sophomore studio album ‘Bloom’ is only two weeks away so it’s time to get excited. And to help you get in the celebratory mood the Australian singer-songwriter has released one final single. ‘Animal’ is an epic and euphoric love song that was created to excel in his live show. The romantic ballad begins with moody synths that begin to grow with the addition of drums and more dreamy synths. He professes his love for his boyfriend and describes the strong connection they have which he believes is unmatched by anything else. “I want you all to myself, don’t leave none for nobody else. I am an animal with you”. This is completely different to what I expected from him and that’s not a bad thing. This alternative ballad is super moody but it’s also super anthemic and stands strong next to his big pop singles ‘Bloom’ and ‘My My My’. It may not be as instantly catchy or memorable but it is a very special and intimate moment. And to be honest, Troye Sivan is really proving himself currently as more than just a youtuber that could sing. He is full of talent and has an important message of acceptance and love to share.