SINGLE REVIEW: Broods – Peach

Earlier this year both Georgia and Caleb Nott from Broods released a solo project that saw them going in two completely different directions. It was noted that it was unsure when they would release music again together but when it did happen that it would be excitingly completely different. After a bit of time apart the brother and sister duo are back with an epic comeback track. ‘Peach’ is a vibrant and bold indie-pop affair that hears Broods like you’ve never heard them before. The playful feel-good anthem reflects on feeling unsure about a lot of things happening in your life but celebrating the highs where everything feels amazing. “I’m high and I’m low, no control. But everything’s looking peach now”. It has a real hopeful sentiment that will have you just wanting to dance and forget your own issues happening in your life. The track begins with some moody indie-pop synths that are similar to the sound on their previous record before unleashing a very experiential and high-pitched sample. This texture changes the whole song and instantly transforms it into a euphoric pop moment with big synths and electronic drums taking over. it’s a whole lot of fun and if you don’t have a massive smile whilst listening to it then you’re not listening to it loud enough.