ALBUM REVIEW: Yungblud – 21st Century Liability

Yungblud is one of the music industry’s most diverse and eclectic newcomers. The British singer-songwriter cannot be labelled or boxed into a corner because on his debut album ’21st Century Liability’ he literally experiments with everything possible. After the dramatic and cinematic album opener ‘Eulogy’ he launches straight into the nostalgic punk-pop ‘Die For The Hype’ before adding in a pop influence on ‘Doctor Doctor’. But it’s on ‘Medication’ where he starts to sound anthemic with its ridiculously catchy hook that will fit perfectly at his live show. But then switches it up again on the dramatic and moody ‘Machine Gun’ before adding a ska influence on the groovy ‘Psychotic Kids’. But lets be honest, its the anthemic ‘I Love you, Will You Marry Me’ that started it all which steals the show once again. It’s just so playful, catchy, chaotic and romantic. But he gets a little serious on ‘Polygraph Eyes’ and ‘Anarchist’ whilst still remaining to hold onto an anthemic sound that will make these songs quickly become favourites in his festival sets. The whole album continues to impress every time you listen to it because it is so different to anything else out at the moment. There’s no one else doing what he does on the commercial scene and it’s refreshing. His carefree attitude is contagious and this album will have you feeling a little reckless and that is 100% okay. 

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