ALBUM REVIEW: Jason Mraz – Know

‘Im Yours’ was one of the biggest songs of 2008 and ten years later it still remains to be one of the most impactful pop songs of the last decade. After taking a four year break between albums to work on other projects including musical theatre, Jason Mraz is back with his feel good sixth studio album. ‘Know’ is a short collection of ten cute and romantic songs that were inspired by some love letters he write to his wife while he was on tour. Opening with the poignant and melodic ballad “Let’s See What The Night Can Do’ he quickly picks up the pace with the upbeat and euphoric lead single ‘Have It All’. From there he continues to deliver piano funk and a little bit of cheesiness with ‘Unlonely’, ‘Making It Up’ and ‘Might As Well Dance’ before offering your new favourite couple song ‘Better With You’ which will undoubtedly become some couples’ wedding song. He teams up with Meghan Trainor on ‘More Than Friends’ for the only collaboration and with their track record I expected something a little more memorable. But their harmonies are super sweet and will have you gushing along to the cute lyrics. And that’s one thing that remains strong throughout the whole record and that is his strong harmonies and melodies. This is a very sweet and feel-good record which isn’t as impactful as ‘We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.’ but it is a great re-introduction to who Jason Mraz is as an artist. It’s a little gimmicky and cheesy in parts but most adult-contemporary albums are a little. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Jason Mraz’ new album from Sanity; 




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