SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn feat. Timbaland – Too Much


There’s been no real word as to when Zayn will actually release his sophomore studio album so in the meantime he keeps on dropping intriguing singles instead. The newest track to hit your airwaves is the futuristic ballad ‘Too Much’. For this mediocre track he has teamed up with the the legendary Timbaland and whilst there are moments of brilliance the song just doesn’t really go anywhere. The moody and cinematic production leads up to these big climaxes that never seem to happen. The storytelling is captivating and explores a toxic relationship where only one person is putting in effort and trying to keep them together. “I guess I want too much. I guess I want love and lust. You just can’t love enough. That’s why I need a touch”. It’s a tragic and beautiful love story that you want to have a more epic delivery because you are already imagining where else this song could melodically go. It’s just a little safe and bland for both artists as they are well known for some massive songs. They’ve tried to mellow it down and smooth it up but at the same time they’ve forgotten to turn the energy and emotion up in their vocals. It’s not bad, it’s just forgettable. 




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