SINGLE REVIEW: Robyn – Missing U


So I’m just going to go ahead and say it. The return of Robyn was a little hyped up. I mean in the past the Swedish singer-songwriter has been a little under-appreciated for her synth bops. But then ‘Dancing On My Own’ kind of went viral and everyone has been patiently waiting to hear what she releases next. It has been 8 years since the release of her fifth studio album ‘Body Talk’ and now she has re-emerged with the synth layered single ‘Missing U’. This uptempo synth ballad offers an 80’s inspired sound that will send you into a time warp. Her vocals are immediately captivating and will have you ready to start bopping along. However while the song is really catchy it’s biggest downfall is that it is really long. Melodically it doesn’t really go on a big emotional journey so 5 minutes of the same layering is a little exhausting. Her lyrics are as dreamy and relatable as ever with pure heartbreak shining through. “There’s this empty space you left behind now you’re not here with me. I keep digging through our waste of time but the picture’s incomplete. Cause I’m missing you”. The way the song builds up before the chorus has this euphoric feeling Scottish band Chrvches have recently been experimenting with. If it was over minute shorter this would be a home run for Robyn but instead this shows growth and raises expectations for what is to come. 




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