SINGLE REVIEW: Matt Corby –  No Ordinary Life


I never thought I would say it but Matt Corby has just released a Willy Wonka inspired single. Yeah, you read the correctly. And no the Australian singer-songwriter isn’t singing about Oompa Loompas or a lifetime supply of Chocolate but instead the melody takes you on a dreamy and psychedelic journey that has a similar cinematic feel. ‘No Ordinary Life’ kicks off where his last album ‘Telluric’ left off and continues the psychedelic sound he was fine tuning. This song comfortably sits somewhere in-between Tame Impala and Willy Wonka with it’s experimental structure. But he still manages to deliver his folk roots in amongst the smooth harmonies and layering. “If you look out you can see it in the sky. Heavenly colours of paradise are lost inside your mind”. This song will leave you mesmerised and have you quickly pushing replay again so you can fall deep into this cinematic world. And to be honest he’s perfectly mastered the ideal daydreaming song where you can just stare out the window into the world and question ‘what if’. 


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