LIVE REVIEW: 10’s Across The Board – Fluffy

Rupaul’s Drag Race is no longer just a secret guilty pleasure. The hit TV show has become a worldwide phenomenon that has won Rupaul two Emmy’s and has encouraged a global conversation of equality, respect and love. The show has just wrapped up it’s tenth season and to celebrate the milestone the top four have headed down under for a massive Australian tour. The ‘10’s Across The Board Tour’ sees Kameron Michaels, Asia O’Hara, Eureka and current reigning queen Aquaria bringing their high energy lip sync and choreographed performances to the stage for a 2 hour extravaganza. With the ringing of bells and the opening riff of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ playing through the speakers Aquaria, Kameron Michaels and Asia O’Hara emerged onto the stage dressed in boxing robes and performed a lip sync montage of ‘Fight Song’, ‘Respect’ and Applause’ while nailing some impressive choreography. However with all three girls on stage together it was very noticeable that Eureka was missing from the opening number which was confusing as everyone looked around unsure as to what was happening. After they left the stage Eureka was finally welcomed with a solo mash up of ‘Never Enough’ and ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. She immediately had everyone cast under a spell with her captivating energy, 3 costume reveals and raw emotion which created a very empowering sentiment. 

One by one each queen came on the stage for their first solo number which really embodied who they are as a performer. Addressing the butterfly controversy from the season finale Asia O’Hara came out on stage dressed as a butterfly and performed a mashup of ‘Butterfly’ from Mariah Carey and ‘Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. It addressed the embarrassing and serious incident in a light hearted and upbeat way which had the whole crowd immediately on her side. The current reining queen Aquaria strutted out to Lady Gaga’s rendition of ‘New York, New York’ which took the crowd back to her roots. Halfway through her performances a tile from the LCD screen fell off as she leaned against it and she impressively almost unknowingly put it back together and didn’t miss a beat or a lyric whilst doing it. Now that is a goddam professional! Kameron Michaels closed the first half of the show with a grungey and energetic mash up of ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Distrubia’ and ‘Maneater’. 

After a brief intermission Asia kicked off the second half of the show with a ballad which was ultimately a little forgettable. Kameron quickly followed with Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love At First Sight’  which saw her interacting with the crowd, grabbing fans hands and genuinely looked like she was having the time of her life. Eureka kept the energy high with a Honey Boo Boo inspired number which had people laughing, smiling and impressed with a costume reveal and a hair reveal. Aquaria returned for a superhero inspired performance of Madonna’s ‘Gang Bang’ mashed up with ‘Aura’, ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Bulletproof’. Highlighted with lots of tricks and choreography she proved to the packed Brisbane crowd why she deserved to be the winner of season 10. 

Kameron, Aquaria and Asia came together again for a awkward group performance without Eureka before bringing her back on the stage to close the show with the Top 4 routine ‘American’. The host for the night Vollie Lavont thanked the crowd for coming out whilst the cast stayed on stage to dance to ‘Call Me Mother’ before waving goodnight. The show was full of high energy, impressive choreography and visuals which made it the biggest drag production to ever tour the country and that’s an exciting fact. The only thing lacking from the show was crowd interaction because not once did any of the cast speak to the crowd throughout the night which was a strange structuring. Usually the queens love to tell an anecdote from the season or a funny tour story which makes the show feel candid and intimate. But other than that small flaw this show was an impressive and glamorous affair that showcased some of the biggest names from Rupauls Drag Race season 10.




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