EP REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Survive The Summer


It has been four years since we have heard a full body of work from Iggy Azalea and whilst she’s been turning out some catchy singles the Australian rapper hasn’t really had any radio or chart traction. The radio stations have kind of forgotten about her, the media have given up on her and even her old label stopped trying. But all of this has just fuelled her fire even more and has inspired her to change labels and return to her roots with a hip-hop inspired EP that is just her, telling her story and spitting some decent verses. ‘Survive The Summer’ is a collection of 6 hip-hop tracks that are a little bland at times melodically but impress with her songwriting. Title track and EP opener ‘Survive The Summer’ is a sassy and empowering track that details her hardships and her wins over the past couple of years. It has a lot of cool one liners and will instantly become a fan favourite. “If I don’t like it then, I switch, label tripping so I switch. Which one? Which one? Bring the bag and it’s done”. She turns up the hip-hop production on the bold Tokyo Snow Trip’ before channeling Cardi B on the innuendo filled ‘Kream’. The whole song is about her vagina and ass and I’m not even mad because she owns it and creates a liberating feel when you listen to it. “Ass rules everything around me. Deep in that pussy, got him drowning”. But from there the EP becomes a little forgettable with ‘Hey Iggy’ and ‘Kawasaki’ regurgitating the same concepts and production making it a little predictable and boring. There’s just nothing exciting about the songs that will have you wanting to revisit them. But she luckily saves herself with the playful EP closer ‘OMG’ which channels her early mixtape days. This song embodies everything about Iggy that people originally fell in love with her for and should’ve been the lead promo single because not only is it catchy but it also shows a lot of personality. Whilst some of the EP is a little forgettable it does show a strength in her songwriting, her rap delivery and promises a bolder Iggy Azalea. And right now that is what we need to hear and see from her because people are starting to forget who she is and that’s the cold hearted truth.


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