SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza feat. Duckwrth – Flexin

It’s been two years since we have received new solo music from Tkay Maidza and in that time the Adelaide rapper has experimented with her sound, collaborated a lot and has continually grown as an artist. So it’s rightfully so that her new single ‘Flexin’ is sonically quite the departure to her 2016 debut album ‘Tkay’. The rap track serves high attitude, high energy and whole a lot of hype in the brief 3 minute duration. Within the opening bars she immediately starts yelling the hook, “I don’t have a conscience, and I won’t act responsible. When I pull up, I’m flexin’. You just do what you’re supposed to do”. And it instantly becomes clear that this will be very different to anything else she has ever released. She sounds a lot more confident in her delivery and genuinely sounds like she’s having a lot more fun creatively. Her rap verses are bolder and there is a sassier side that opens up a lot more personality to shine through her delivery. The one liners are fun and will see people tagging their Instagram captions like “And I got multiple cellulars. One for Japan, one for your man” very quickly. She’s also enlisted the help of Californian rapper Duckworth who has created a lot of hype for himself recently. He steps in for a memorable verse that adds to the high energy and enhances the DIY hip-hop production. Her electronic roots are slightly in tact but this song really dives into the hip-hop world that her early Soundcloud material introduced. For a lot of people this will be the first time they’ve heard her completely like this and whilst it may not be a pop single it’s still very energetic and hype-worthy. So yeah, she’s back!