SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers feat. Emily Warren – Side Effects


2018 has really become the year that The Chainsmokers have started impressing me. They’ve (thankfully) thrown out the generic pop-dance formula they were constantly over-using to get radio airplay and instead have started focusing on lyrics and production. They’ve dived into a darker and more experimental production world which as seen songs like ‘Sick Boy’ and ‘Somebody’ stand out. However for their new single ‘Side Effects’ they’ve decided to take a different route and explore the disco life. This song hears them brightening things up melodically and creating a groovy summer anthem that is a lot more upbeat than their previous singles. “Ooh, you’re all that I want, no good at giving you up. Come on and give me some love tonight”. The playful song explores the raw feeling of starting to see someone and realising that you really like them and always want to be around them. It’s a little seductive with a whole lot of whole hearted goodness that will have you grooving along in the chorus to the disco and synth vibes. For this track they’ve teamed up with long-term collaborator Emily Warren who has also stepped in on guest vocals and delivers her sultry and soulful vocals. It’s the perfect song for summer as its fresh with a little bit of cool nostalgia as it channels the disco styling of Giorgio Moroder. 

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