SINGLE REVIEW: Robinson – Don’t Trust Myself


Earlier in the year Robinson dropped the ridiculously catchy ‘Nothing To Regret’ which quickly became one of my favourite songs of 2018. The vivid imagery transported you to her friends lounge room where she was crashing and to the parties where she was drinking and living in an emotional limbo. It was just so honest and real that it put a immediate spotlight on the New Zealand singer-songwriter. Her follow up single ‘Don’t Trust Myself’ hears her stripping the production back and offering a more emotional moment. The dreamy pop ballad reflects on falling too hard, too soon for someone and not being able to make good and conscious decisions about them. “And when I found you I put my arms around you. Want to feel special, like the way that I’m supposed to”. It continues the storyline of where she drinks to numb the pain and constantly feels reckless so in a strange way it is the more emotional and sedated sequel to ‘Nothing To Regret’. That in itself will make you love the song but what is great about the song is that it shows you that there is more to Robinson than just catchy pop songs. There is a lot of heart and emotion behind her vocals and storylines and whilst it may not be as “epic” or memorable as her last single it is still uniquely great. 




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