SINGLE REVIEW: Mitch James – Can’t Help Myself


Earlier this year Mitch James impressed with his follow up single ’21’ to his viral hits ‘No Fixed Abode’ and ‘All The Ways To Say Goodbye’. The honest track saw the New Zealand singer-songwriter beginning to receive radio airplay and worldwide online traction with it’s very autobiographical storyline. It’s been a hot minute in-between singles and he’s ready to unleash the next honest track that is going to capture your heart in a different way. ‘Can’t Help Myself’ continues the acoustic pop-rock production approach his previous singles introduced. Beginning with just an acoustic guitar and his soulful vocals he adds in funky percussion that is melodically reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and early Maroon 5.  Lyrically the song explores being in love with someone even when you know that they are not good for you. “I can’t help myself. Well I guess we’re both to blame. You know you’re good at playing all these games, and it’s bad for my health”. it’s very relatable and while it’s sad it’s also very romantically cute too. It has a very organic and honest sound to it that will have the hook stuck in your head and have you even more intrigued by this newcomer. 





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