SINGLE REVIEW: Maggie Rogers – Give A Little


We were first introduced to Maggie Rogers in 2016 when Pharrell Williams sat in awe during a mentoring session with her and was rightfully blown away by her raw talent and incredible songwriting. From there the singer-songwriter has circulated massive streaming numbers, released an EP and toured the world. 2018 has seen Rogers re-introduce herself with the bold indie-pop track ‘Fallingwater” which serves as the lead single from her upcoming debut album. The second single ‘Give A Little’ hears her channeling the groovy stylings of HAIM in her first real glistening pop moment. The funky production lifts the indie-pop song and shifts her delivery into a playful and fun direction that will be perfect in her vibrant live show. Lyrically the song was inspired by the national school walk out for gun control and the deep and raw empathy we all have inside of us. “But if you give a little, get a little maybe we could get to know each other”. All it takes is one person to start a ripple effect and show empathy on a day to day basis. She took this raw and emotive idea and turned it into an upbeat indie-pop summer anthem and if you don’t instantly start grooving along then I’m unsure what will. 


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