SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX – Girls Night Out


Charli XCX really has taken this “2018 is going to be year you hear the most new music from me” comment seriously with releasing yet another new single. This time she’s finally released the playful ‘Girls Night Out’ which originally surfaced 2 years ago when an early demo leaked from her ICloud account. But now the electronic-pop track has been fully mastered, tweaked and updated and is ready for you to start dancing to immediately. This song isn’t meant to be taken seriously as it’s just an upbeat and fun track that is about partying and having fun and thats exactly what it will inspire you to do. The song was produced by Sophie so you can expect an experimental EDM structure along with a layering of nostalgic early 2000’s synth-pop beats to give you a sugary flavour. “It’s a girls’ night out. No boys, no boys”. The chorus is really simple but that’s the niche. It’s not over thought or hiding a lot of metaphors it’s just bold and simple and ultimately playful. So once again Charli XCX has you dancing and feeling good. She wins. 


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