SINGLE REVIEW: Zedd feat. Elley Duhe – Happy Now


Zedd’s singles have been a little hit and miss recently. But after the massive success of ‘The Middle’ and ‘Stay’ everyone’s eyes and ears are on what he’s going to do next. ‘Happy Now” hears him delivering a vibrant indie-pop meets EDM sound that is very radio and chart friendly. It’s a song that grows on you with each listen and will eventually get stuck in your head but it’s missing that initial wow factor. And sadly that comes down to the mediocre vocal delivery. Elley Duhe has a very unique and nice vocal range but it’s also a little flat and forgettable. Once I did some research and found out that Sigrid originally record this demo my heart instantly broke because she would’ve brought this song exactly what it needed. The lyrics are full of raw and intense emotion as she’s reflecting on a break up and questioning whether her ex regrets their decision or not. “You’re a world away. Somewhere in the crowd in a foreign place. Are you happy now?”. But then the song drops this summer ready beat that is playful and very similar to the DIY production Louis The Child has been experimenting with recently. It’s not a bad song like ‘Get Low’ but it doesn’t really have hit written all over it unlike ‘The Middle’. It’s cute and reflective though. 





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