SINGLE REVIEW: LANY – Thru These Tears


Hailing from Los Angeles California, LANY have left their zip code behind and have taken on the world with their excessively emotional tracks and reflective live show. It’s only been a year since they’ve released their debut self-titled album and they’ve already toured the world twice and are ready to do it again with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Malibu Nights’. Their lead single ‘Thru These Tears’ is a DIY and experimental indie-pop track that perfectly introduces this new sound to listeners. It’s very all over the place but that’s what it sets out to do. It’s meant to embody a surplus of different emotions and take you on a journey of highs and lows. It explores what lead singer Paul Klein describes as the worst 45 days of his life after he went through a devastating break up. And the lyrics will hit you right in the chest and have you feeling ALL the emotions. “In the end I’m gonna be alright. But it might take a hundred sleepless nights to make the memories of you disappear. But right now I can’t see nothing through these tears”. Beginning with voice synthesisers and basic oozing synths the production slowly adds in a groovy synth that will have your toes tapping and confused whether you want to dance or cry. But halfway through the song they strip it down to a piano with Paul’s vulnerable vocals before building it back up with synths. It’s so unpredictable and that’s what I love most about the song as it works so perfectly. The strange structure reminds me of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ and that’s a big comparison to make. So yeah, it’s good.