SINGLE REVIEW: Imagine Dragons – Natural


Their third studio album ‘Evolve’ may only be one year old but Imagine Dragons are already delivering you their third post-album single. And I’m still unsure whether this is a great thing or if it’s a little excessive. ’Natural’ hears the Las Vegas pop-rock band continuing their bold sound full of angst, hope and power with a big chorus that is arena ready. Whilst this song is good and has an anthemic feeling to it, their only issue is that they have started to sound a little predictable. When I listen to this track I’m already 10 seconds ahead guessing what their progression is going to be as well as envisioning what their live show would look like. It’s just very predictable because it’s what they’ve been doing for the past 4 years. They’ve been mixing dark production with hopeful lyrics and big singalong hooks and it’s been working for them. But there’s only so much one band can do until they need to switch it up and Imagine Dragons are getting to that point. ‘Born To Be Yours’ was great because it was so different but they’ve reverted back to their ‘Believer’ and ‘Thunder’ styled production and it’s a little boring. Lyrically this song explores living your best life and standing up for what you believe in. “A beating heart of stone. You gotta be so cold to make it in this world. Yeah, you’re a natural”. And yeah, it’s a cool track with a lot of humble sentiment but compared to the rest of their back catalogue it’s forgettable. However the way the sound has been produced makes it a song that will explode and excel in their live show. so, no, it’s not a bad song but it’s also one you’re not going to be rushing to add to your playlists. 






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