SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – Waste Of Time


It’s been a little while since we have had new music from Alex The Astronaut so what better time to receive a song than right before her massive set at Splendour In The Grass. ‘Waste Of Time’ is an acoustic folk-pop track that continues her vivid storytelling that made her previous two EP’s so memorable. This sweet and vulnerable track reflects on the rapid feelings you get when you fall for someone and realising that all you want out of life is just a genuine connection. “So wake up late and let’s take our time. Drink tequila with too much lime. Because lately I’ve come to find that all I want is one incredible waste of time”. Her lyrical flow is quite poetic and is similar to Paul Kelly with how vividly descriptive he is in his songwriting. She has this rare ability to invite you into her world with so much ease and will have you being able to immediately envision this whole cinematic storyline. Melodically it is very similar to her previous releases so something slightly different would have been great to hear to show her diversity. However this is her sound and she does it very well and has you captivated from start to finish every single time. 




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