New Zealand production duo SACHI keep on delivering the bangers. ‘Ride’, ‘Shelter’ and ‘No More’ gave you some real alternative electronic vibes whilst their new single ‘Hollywood Angel’ delivers pure pop craziness. They’ve teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter E^ST for the playful track full of sass, wit and packs a ridiculously catchy hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head for hours. It explores that feeling of pure euphoria that occurs during some of your favourite memories and just believing in yourself which is quite different to the emotional undertones of their previous tracks.

I recently chatted to Will Thomas from SACHI about what inspired their new single ‘Hollywood Angel’, what their biggest challenge is touring and found out what their favourite Australian snack is. Check it out; 

TB: ’Hollywood Angel’ is such a bold and vibrant song so what was inspiring you sonically when you were in the studio creating this little anthem?

W: We had been listening to a lot of classic rave house songs from the 90s around the time we wrote it. So we wanted to pay homage to those songs with a modern electronic pop twist.

TB: It’s very playful with the array of synths and pure feeling of nostalgia. So I feel like this song would have taken a long time to perfect so how long were you working on this track for and were you working on any other similar vibed songs at the same time? 

W: We first wrote this song almost a year before it came out. We went through multiple versions with different production and arrangements and eventually landed on the one that’s out today. But it never strayed too far from the one that is out now.

TB: ’Hollywood Angel’ explores that feeling of pure euphoria that occurs during some of your favourite memories as well as believing in yourself. You guys have had a pretty crazy year so what is one of your favourite euphoric memories from the last year?

W: We’ve been really lucky to play some super fun shows across Australia and New Zealand. But one euphoric memory for us was playing ‘Homegrown Festival’ in Wellington.They were such an amazing crowd and had such a great vibe. It was a very special one for us.

TB: Late last year you dropped the vulnerable ‘Ride’ with Thomston which heard him questioning if the love he had was strong enough to stop a break from happening. We are currently seeing a trend in electronic music where a lot more vulnerability and emotion is shining through the production and songwriting so is that something you want to feature in your music more? 

W: Yeah I think so! Pop-punk was a massive inspiration to us growing up. Bands like Blink 182 and Paramore had super emotional lyrics but still managed to make a song melodically sound positive. So I guess this lyrical inspiration kinda comes from that mentality.

TB: Is there a sound that you guys haven’t experimented with yet that you want to try incorporate into your vision? 

W: Hip hop is a massive inspiration to us so we are really keen to make something in that world at some point.

TB: You guys do a lot of touring! So what would you say has been the biggest challenge to bring your unique and vibrant full live show to life?

W: Baggage allowance! Normally when we tour there’s only 4 of us but we have about 12 cases for all of our gear that we have to check in. So sometimes we are racking up a hefty baggage expense *laughs*.

TB: Being New Zealanders, what is your go-to snack for Australia that you have while you’re touring that you cant find easily at home? 
W: Gotta be 7/11 slurpees! Love those things.

TB: And I have to ask, when are you guys going to pop on over and play some shows around Australia again?

W: We really miss Australia! Hopefully before the year is out.

TB: Let’s play a little game when you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind.  

W: Okay!

TB: The emoji that best describes us is… 

W: The devil emoji.

TB: The messiest member of SACHI is…

W: Hands down Nick!

TB: Most people think we are….

W: Brothers *laughs*.

TB: If we weren’t called SACHI we would be called…

W: Will and the Nicks.

TB: If we could form a supergroup with any other band or artist it would be…

W: Maybe montelll2099 and Thomston.

SACHI’s new single ‘Hollywood Angel’ with E^ST is out now

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