SINGLE REVIEW: Jess Kent – Bass Bumps / No Love Songs 

Jess Kent

Bursting onto the Australian music scene with the infectious ‘Get Down’ Jess Kent quickly became a name that everyone was talking about. The Sydney based singer-songwriter release her debut EP ‘My Name Is Jess Kent’ which was a bold collection of tropical injected attitude filled sons. With the success of ‘Sweet Spot’ she went onto opening for Coldplay on their massive 2016 Australian stadium tour and then disappeared to America to work on new music. A year and a half later and she is back with two new tracks to get you grooving. ‘Bass Bumps’ serves as the lead single from her debut album and hears her teaming up with songwriter and producer Justin Tranter. So with a major name attached in the credits I expected a little more than what we were delivered. This is a slightly ridiculous and fun track that doesn’t really make sense but in hindsight it doesn’t really need to. It’s carefree, fun and has been created to really excel in her energetic live show. The production is really strong with heavy beats and explosive drums. But I wanted a bigger hook and something that was a little more memorable than just a cool EDM pop song. The follow up ‘No Love Songs’ is a tropical infused pop track that returns to the sound her debut EP introduced and it’s a lot catchier and memorable than her other release. It was directed towards a older Lily Allen sound with a polished twist and it’s very vibey. But I’m intrigued to hear what else she has in store for us because I want to be wowed a little more after waiting a year and a half.




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