SINGLE REVIEW: Thelma Plum – Clumsy Love


It has been four years since Thelma Plum has released new music and let’s just be honest, it’s very well overdue. ‘Clumsy Love’ hears her growing a lot as an artist and delivers a folk infused indie-pop production that still serves a lot of heart and emotion. It’s quite the departure from her ‘Monsters’ EP as it is a lot more pop focused and hears her delivering a slick and polished production. It’s shiny, quirky and delivers this euphoric feeling layered with a very emotional and reflective storyline. The track explores the ups downs of her last year and the heartbreak that has seen her evolving as a person and as an artist. “You’re clumsy, oh love you keep me hanging on. Am I not enough? Don’t keep me hanging on. I’ve got to be strong, tell me I’m the only one”. But don’t get me wrong, she very much knows who she is and this track probably delivers her most confident vocal delivery yet. She manages to deliver honest lyrics with such vulnerability and have you absolutely captivated in the moment. “What’s hiding behind those sad eyes? Don’t start with those lies. I can only love you twice as much before you fuck this up”. This is a very special musical moment for the singer-songwriter because she is reintroducing herself to listeners in such a bold and exciting way. She is taking control of her narrative and delivering a catchy indie-pop song that you can’t help but love. 6 years ago I sat next to Thelma Plum in a classroom studying the business side of the music industry knowing just how special her voice was thanks to a little song called ‘Father Said’ but now she has evolved within her sound, her songwriting and as a person and it’s very exciting to see and hear.