SINGLE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Jumpsuit / Nico And The Niners


The ‘Blurryface’ era seemed never ending but as soon as Twenty One Pilots played their final show in June 2017 they sort of disappeared completely. It’s been a year since we’ve last heard from them and they’ve finally decided to resurface to give us a lot of brand new information. The dynamic duo announced that their third studio album ‘Trench’ will be released on October 5 with their ‘Bandito World Tour’ starting later that month. On top of this they released two brand new tracks as well as a epic new music video. So yeah, it’s been kind of a big day for them. Lead single ‘Jumpsuit’ is a bold and dark track that hears the duo experimenting with heavier rock influences and a moodier production than what we’ve previously been acquainted with. It’s an interesting choice as a lead single because it doesn’t really have any commercial appeal at all. The guitar riff is very dominant and along with the thrashing drums it’s very bold and in your face. The verses are softly delivered but as soon as the chorus comes in the volume is turned up and the heavier influences are unleashed. They even include a screaming vocal delivery during the final chorus which sort of just comes out of no where. Lyrically this song follows the storyline of a fictional city called Dema and the escape efforts of a character called Clancy. It’s very visual and will have you enthralled into the heart racing world this song lives in however i just wish this song was a stronger and more memorable moment. With a very impressive discography I did expect something a little bolder and catchier from this song of hope but they still have time to win me over. They continued this vivid storyline with the reggae infused ‘Nico And The Niners’ which is a little more familiar sonically but is still very different to anything they’ve released before. Again, it’s not really memorable but it’s also not a bad song either. It’s just a little, well, average. 

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