SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Schedules


Our favourite Norwegian indie-pop newcomer has been drip-feeding the release of her second EP ‘Raw’ over the past couple of months and proving to the world that she is force to be reckoned with. Sigrid has just released the final track from the collection and will have you dancing instantly with it’s vibrant production. ‘Schedules’ is a sassy but sweet track about falling for someone and not worrying that it may not logistically work and just going with the flow. “I know that my schedule is fucked up but baby you know you’re the same. And that’s why I think we’re a hit, woo”. She is known to release quite sad and vulnerable tracks that reflect on heartbreak, betrayal and confusion but for this song she switches things up and sheds a little ray of positivity and hope. From the opening keys she instantly gives you ‘High Five’ vibes before dropping pulsating synths similar to ‘Strangers’ and completely changes things up. It’s her catchiest track since ‘Strangers’ and ‘Raw’ and if this doesn’t become a massive hit then I will be confused. It’s playful, catchy and just delivers a pure euphoria that is hard to explain. But if you don’t have a huge smile on your face after listening to it then I think you need to question if you actually have a heart or not.




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