SINGLE REVIEW: Woodes – Change My Mind

With Splendour In The Grass only two weeks away Woodes has decided to release a new single before her coveted set at the festival. ‘Change My Mind’ hears the singer-songwriter offering a euphoric and festival ready sound that will perfectly fit into her already mesmerising live show. It is easily the most commercially ready song in her discography and will hear her receiving a lot of Triple J airplay with its feel good and reflective sound. The track explores how she’s always caught up in her own world and doesn’t easily let her guard down but she starts flirting with the idea of letting someone be apart of her world. “You know you could go and change my mind. You got me caught up in the right way. Got me guessing what you might say. So go, you can go and take my time”. It’s very innocent, genuine and honest. The production is in the realm of airy alternative-pop as it samples the sounds of the beach as well as live drums and a harp. What I love about Woodes is that her voice takes you to this magical place of reflection where you just get lost in her storytelling. And her live show amplifies that.