SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Timberlake – SoulMate


Justin Timberlake is currently halfway through his ‘Man Of The Woods World Tour’ and it’s no secret that this album has really failed to create the same impact his previous records have had. Not even his epic Super Bowl performance could save how bland and uninspired the record was so it doesn’t really come by much of a surprise that he’s dropped a new summer ready single. The aim of ‘SoulMate’ is simple and that is to get radio play, boost ticket sales and create some hype again. However I’m unsure if this song will do just that. Yes, it’s a summer ready track that is ultimately vibey and a lot stronger than his other material from his last record but it is still a little flat.  I kept waiting for that big moment where this whole sound and song would make sense but it never came. It felt like he was just singing at one tone the whole duration and while the production is really groovy and constantly changing he just never seemed to vocally match it. The lyrics are also quite gimmicky as he explores searching for a soulmate to survive the summer with. Yawn. The strongest part of the song is the production because the structure is really groovy and cool. It’s quite different to everything else on the radio because it’s organic and doesn’t rely on synthesisers or electronic components. Instead this whole slick sound is manifested from his band and while it’s good I just wish it was taken up a level. This isn’t a band song but it isn’t a great one either. However it is a lot stronger than everything on his last studio album so I guess that’s an improvement. 





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