It really confuses me how Iggy Azalea’s last string of singles haven’t charted or received the radio airplay they deserve because they truly are some of the strongest songs she’s released. Her sophomore studio album received a lot of setbacks and inevitably saw her leaving her label to re-sign with Island where she is set to release her EP ‘Survive The Summer’ on August 3. The lead single ‘Kream’ hears her returning to her hip-hop roots and delivering a sound that is reminiscent of her early mixtape days. This playful track is full of sexual innuendos as well as sexual lyrics without the innuendos. She’s ditched the polished pop production that her previous singles had and instead delivers you a beat heavy hip-hop sound that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have helped bring back commercially. The whole song is about her vagina and ass and I’m not even mad because she owns it and creates a liberating feel when you listen to it. “Ass rules everything around me. Deep in that pussy, got him drowning”. We live in a world where women in the spotlight are still encouraged to not talk about sex or their bodies and are looked down upon if they do. But she owns it and takes control of her narrative. However Tyga features on this track and while his verse is actually really good I would’ve liked her to have kept this song as a solo track or at least have another female rapper feature instead. This would’ve helped further take control of the narrative. She also released the instant gratitude track ‘Tokyo Snow Trip’ along with the pre-order of the EP which continues the bold hip-hop production. This brief song isn’t as memorable as ‘Kream’ but it grows on you and reconfirms that she is retrying to her roots and is still on top of her game with strong raps and slick flow.






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