SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX – Focus / No Angel


Charli XCX’s third studio album has been a long time coming and I’ve slightly given up on the fact that we are ever going to receive it. But that’s okay because instead she’s dropping new songs and mixtapes like there’s no tomorrow. In 2017 she delivered two incredibly catchy and colourful mixtapes that really embodied her electronic meets new wave hip-hop influenced sound. She had you singing and dancing along to some ridiculous lyrics that deserve to be played in every nightclub. She also delivered the ultimately catchy pop single ‘Boys’ which invaded your brain and will honestly never leave. In 2018 she has already offered a couple of new songs as well as joined Taylor Swift for her worldwide stadium tour. And because Charli XCX never rests she has dropped two new singles for you to dance and singalong to. ‘Focus’ continues where ‘Pop 2’ left off with a gimmicky and catchy dance beat which is super playful and will have you running around instantly. She asks her love interest to just focus on the positives and focus on how much she cares instead of the mistakes she may make. The production hears her carrying through this one dance beat throughout the duration of the track until towards the end where she switches it up and gives you a cool little breakdown before giving you one final bold chorus. Where as on the other side of the spectrum ‘No Angel’ is a grittier hip-hop influenced song. And don’t get me wrong, it’s still a electronic pop song but it has a grittier and harder beat compared to ‘Focus’. This is a song that will take a few listens to grow on you but when it does grow on you, you will fall in love with the lyrics and vibe. It hears her admitting her flaws and imperfections but embracing them and realising that she can’t change who she is. So it has a nice little sentiment which makes it hard for you to not love. The only criticism I have with these songs is that the overuse of autotune is becoming a little predictable and boring but something tells me she won’t be changing that anytime soon.




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