SINGLE REVIEW: Neiked – Old School Love


I heard Neiked’s debut single ‘Sexual’ very early on and quickly called it one of the best tracks of 2016 and guess what… a couple of months later it was on heavy rotation everywhere. Since then we haven’t really heard much from the mysterious Swedish production group except for the playful ‘Call Me’ which followed in the footsteps of ‘Sexual’ with it’s structure and summer vibe however it didn’t really seem to catch on commercially. They went back into the studio and went into hiding while they strategised their next move. ‘Old School Love’ hears them hitting back with a groovy summer sound that is less cheeky than their previous singles and is more nostalgic. Think MKTO meets Urban Cone. There is a good mix of mainstream pop along with an alternative groove which gives you that indie-pop feel. However even with these two sounds mixed together it still sounds a little predictable and over-done. I’m not sure what I expected from them completely, but I did expect something with a little more wow factor after the long wait. It’s not a bad song and does provide feel-good nostalgic vibes but it’s not ground breaking or different to anything else out right now. It’s a perfect filler for your summer playlists and road trips but don’t expect it to have the same impact ‘Sexual’ had.




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