SINGLE REVIEW: Florence + The Machine – Big God


With her fourth studio album just around the corner Florence + The Machine has released one final single before the big reveal. ‘Big God’ is a little different to lead single ‘Hunger’ but it is no less anthemic in it’s delivery. The brassy track embodies a lot of percussion along with big harmonies and a whole lot of heart. Opening with dramatic keys this mellow song transforms throughout its 4 minute duration and takes you on a journey of self discovery. The track explores filling a hole in her soul because someone is avoiding her. “Sometimes I think it’s gettin’ better and then it gets much worse”. As the song grows it begins to add in a stomp box that later transforms into a full drum kit and trumpets that fulfils the sound perfectly. It really is a journey and every time you hear the song you will be more and more impressed and intrigued by it’s dramatic feel. During the final chorus she has what the best way to explain is a half vocal excorcism where she groans and while it may be slightly off putting it also makes the song even more melodramatic. 




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