SINGLE REVIEW: Cheat Codes feat. Little Mix – Only You


Cheat Codes exploded onto your airwaves with their Demi Lovato collaboration ‘No Promises’ which was a mediocre dance-pop affair that apparently people loved. They’ve now gone and done it again with Little Mix. ‘Only You’ is an average at best dance-pop moment that hears the production duo further exploring the sound the four piece girl group from the UK introduced on their fourth studio album. It has a relaxed summer pop sound that not only has a decent groove but is also made to perfectly fit onto commercial heavy rotation. However in comparison to their songs like ‘Touch’ and ‘No More Sad Songs’ this track fails to live up to expectations. Their harmonies are smooth but don’t really seem to go anywhere. And the beat drop is kinda predictable and is very similar to Rita Ora’s ‘Anywhere’ which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so flat in comparison. The song slowly gets better once the guys from Cheat Codes start harmonising with the girls to offer a different texture however it shouldn’t take 2 and a half minutes to get there. It’s not a bad song, it’s just not great. But clubs will love it because it’s easy to groove along to. 





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